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    My name's Gingie or Gingie_ on the server, my actual name is Liam, I'm 17 years old, currently residing in the UK, I just this server at the end of August. Currently, I'm on my second year of college, studying software and games development, I'm a kind and friendly person, but will turn on you if I get annoyed, I've built pixel art around the map, so make sure to look for it. I've watched a bunch of anime, so if you want recommendations hit me up. Btw if you buy my pizza I'll like you.
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    Welcome to the server gingie! It's been a pleasure talking to you ^^
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    Nice to meet you Madsi! ^.^
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    welcome to our wonderful server gingie i hope you will have fun here with us (like that time we played never have i ever) :D
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    Never have I ever was fun, Nice to meet you Purple:p
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    Welcome gingie!!
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    Top ginger bread man ❤️

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    Thanks Pak!!
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    How about No U!?!
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    That is correct ❤️
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    welcome gingie! ^^
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    Thanks Ava ^.^
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    Hi Gingie :)
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    Hey Pawn:)
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    You had at me anime ~

    Anyways Welcome to the server, we hope you stick around! College can be fun but its a lot of hard work.
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    I will be around for a while, college is tough but fun. Thanks Vampy
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    Little late from me, but nice to have ya Gingie ^^