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    Hey! my name is deston, but you can call me kinky i like video games,zombie,horror movies, puppies, and a bunch of other weird things i watch anime and im an artist i draw a bunch of things if you have a request just ask its a good practice for me cause every one has so many requests of different things! i will set a list below about me :3

    name: Deston A. Stephens
    IGN: KinkyMarshy
    age: 15 this October 13th
    Work: coffee shop soon a flower shop :3
    favorite color: grey
    favorite food: food
    favorite animal: well aquatic is a beluga whale land animals dog
    favorite breed of dog: dane pit (pitbull + great dane = dane pit)
    dream job: youtuber i have been wanting this job since 2010
    hobbies: well art and i love martial arts im a black belt in Taekwondo also spelt tae kwon do is a korean martial arts mainly based on blocks,punches, but mainly kicks im a green high belt is hapkido also korean is more for holds, circular movements.and take downs mainly used by women to protect from assaults part from aikido
    i now study Brazilian jujitsu its a martial art based on ground maneuvers and grappling and aikido its a japanese martial arts it mainly teaches locks, holds, throws, and using the opponents own movements its just like hapkido but instead of korean its japanese its also lighter on the opponents body

    if you want to know more about me feel free to ask !


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    Welcome : )
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    bork bork
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    Welcome Deston!
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    Welcome to the server! Btw grey is not a color ;)