God Tools Pickaxe seems to be self repairing?

Discussion in 'Resolved Issues' started by Vogog, Dec 20, 2017.

  1. Vogog

    Vogog Member

    Hi, so I own a God Pickaxe, Efficiency 10, Unbreaking 10, Fortune 5.
    Usually I only bring it out to fortune mine ores that I pick up, and then I put it away into a chest again.
    Mining the ores takes durability as usual, but when I grab it again at a later time, the durability bar displays it as brand new.
    I just want some clarity on this mostly, as if it's a visual bug, it will be difficult to tell the axe's durability level and it could break on accident.
  2. Bear0111

    Bear0111 BatBear

    Mine dont do this so i believe it is a bug
  3. Vogog

    Vogog Member

    Oh yea, as an update, it no longer seems to be doing this, guess it was a visual bug to do with unbreaking i think