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    Have you read and understood the terms above (yes/no): yes
    Minecraft IGN:NicoleSingCover *also known as TT*
    Location and timezone: Norway UTC+2
    Age (age 14 minimum):15 years
    How much in-game play time do you have (type /ru check)?11 days and 2 hours
    How long have you been playing Minecraft? I have been playing minecraft since early 1.4 I think around 1.4.2 if not mistaken
    Have you built for any servers in the past? yes I have, but just spawns and stuff on very small servers
    Link to Imgur album with AT LEAST 3 past builds (REQUIRED):
    Do you have a mic (yes/no): Yes I do
    Are you an active user of Discord (yes/no)? yes I am

    Explain your communication skills and your ability to work as a part of a team on a project (100 words MINIMUM): I've been a Building team leader for around a half year now for the Team I call team TT. I am very used to working with people and listening to people with different building styles, sometimes I actually try to learn more about the building style and its features so it is easier for me to help out. I usually work on projects that I need more people to support me either if its just building the walls up or the floor or the roof. I don't use W/E too much just to make my builds a little more special.

    Please explain in extreme detail what build styles and structures you work best with (300 words MINIMUM. Favorite thing you build? Most beautiful thing you build? Favorite materials to build with?):
    I am specialising myself in the building style called Fantasy. In this building style I use a lot of concrete or terracotta to make the build stand out in a magical/fantasy fashion. Its a lot of effort to build in fantasy style because you need a lot of creativity and you have to experiment a lot with different builds. I love making floating, magical gems, Fog rivers and elementary tower. I don't have any favourite block just because I use all of them and all of the blocks has a certain charm. in fantasy style builds there are usually blocks that couldn't go together in the same build. Slabs, stairs are used a ton for making the builds cool looking and magical. what I like most about fantasy is that I can build what ever comes to mind and just let me creativity go loose. I can't say what my most beautiful thing I've built is cause I think all my builds has a charm that makes them beautiful in their own way and very uniqe. the colours the block pallets and the details make each build stand so much out that I can't say that one is better/more beautiful then the other. Of course there's things with fantasy style builds that isn't all good and very annoying. For instant, it usually go with colours and dyes, so fantasy style is extremely hard to build in pure survival. Also its quite energy consuming and it takes a really long time. It is a build style that tests you each and every time you build something new. It makes you push the limits of blocks pallets and it makes you go out from your comfort zone. Something that can be very useful but very challenging at the same time

    I hope you want me on the building Team, TT has returned to the server.
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  2. Pak

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    You got this TT!! And welcome back!!
  3. Sylerous

    Sylerous New Member

    Your style looks very clean and well done, good luck TT
  4. NyanCats911

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    Welcome back to the server & Good luck!
    also good job on getting the... syl, of approval ;)
  5. Madsi6

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    Welcome back and good luck TT
    I'm so proud of you for submitting this and i hope you will get accepted, infact the only reason i see you wouldn't would be if the team is full or they have too many fantasy builders, because i've seen your builds and i love them alot, and i love the style you chose to go with. And if you make it on the team (which i think you will) i hope to see your incredible creations being used ^-^
  6. ForeverAngel

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    Gl TT!
    i have seen some of the builds you have created before and you make amazing builds, i hope you get accepted!
  7. _Bill_

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    These build are super clean, not like my mess haha, I love them! gl <3
  8. TyranTrainer

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    I should prob say that i have changed my name to GodTyrqn
  9. TyranTrainer

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    Should prob say that this app is still valid and changed name to dMaster_Builderb and might change back to Tyranitartrainer in some point in near future
  10. Everburnelf

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    Good Luck! Hope you get accepted!
  11. Zeref

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    Hello. Thank you for your interest in becoming a builder for the server.

    I regret to say that we've decided to deny your application at this time. I'll explain below.

    Your builds are excellent. You show great skill in your builds in several areas. We recognize this and if at all possible, could be interested in reviewing another builder application from you in the future. However, several things must be addressed beforehand.

    There's been a number of incidents involving you with members of the community, including staff. Incidents in which you explode at a new helper, or at another player in PMs. This is not acceptable and is the main reason we're denying your application.

    Your behavior as of late has grown more and more erratic, and unstable. We hope everything is alright, and that if something is wrong you recognize that there are people willing to help; whether it be friends you've made within the community or just other players in general you enjoy talking to.

    The builder program was started a long time ago, and We apologize for the delay. Circumstances around the builder program grew skewed and the original person that was heading the program on PV is no longer a part of the staff team. The program is thus being wiped clean and reopened now.

    Please do not take this denial personally. It has nothing to do with anything personal. This is from a professional standpoint. We recognize that you're a very active player, and that you enjoy the server. We hope this doesn't change that. We would just like to see a bit more restraint and maturity from you moving forward.

    We hope to see another application from you in the future, but for now we think it's best that you take whatever time you need to focus on your health, and get things stable for you. Please don't give up. As I said, your builds are very good and very detailed. We would definitely like to see you grow from this and improve yourself further to fit better for the position you'd be applying for. Thanks again for taking the time to apply, and for your interest in the Builder program.

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