Barney_Rulez Scam

Discussion in 'Accepted' started by Pawnboy1, Jul 27, 2017.

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  1. Pawnboy1

    Pawnboy1 Well-Known Member

    Hi Staff,

    Today I was playing on the server when someone offered to sell a shiny. We settled for 20k after a bit of negotiation. However when I typed in the payment I accidentally typed 200k instead of 20k. I asked for the money back and I would pay the 20k again, but instead he didn't respond to it and left.

    Thank you so much for your time!

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  2. MNGopher

    MNGopher Gopher

    Thanks for the report this will be looked in too
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  3. Pawnboy1

    Pawnboy1 Well-Known Member

    Thanks goph <3
  4. Nico Nico Nope

    Nico Nico Nope Well-Known Member

    well not really a scam you shouldnt have typed so many zeros
  5. Zigswag00n

    Zigswag00n Rude crude australian dude Staff Member Helper

    ur loss his gain i guess so lng as u got shiny thats worth it for him lmao
  6. Pawnboy1

    Pawnboy1 Well-Known Member

    No that is a scam. We set on a price and that was the deal. I payed extra by accident, meaning it should be given back. That's like saying the bank can take a $200,000 loan instead of $20,000 and only give back $20,000.
  7. irauhl

    irauhl sneaky little fox Staff Member SeniorMod

    But it kinda is your fault?
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  8. scorpion262

    scorpion262 Well-Known Member

    it was an accident. it is his fault, but refunding the 180k is common sense. from the rules:
    • No scamming of any kind (jail)
    and this scenario is in fact a scam. it falls under crime of opportunity. sure, it was inconsiderate of pawnboy1 to send the payment without double checking the numbers, but that doesnt justify anything at all, because barney_rulez most likely noticed it, hence he ignored him and left the game.

    that being said, as far as i know, unless one is actually involved in the report, one may not post under report threads. so lets leave it up to the server staff, MNGopher already said he is looking into it.
  9. Bear0111

    Bear0111 BatBear

    Has this been dealt with
  10. Pawnboy1

    Pawnboy1 Well-Known Member

    Not yet
  11. Bear0111

    Bear0111 BatBear

    This dealt with?
  12. Pawnboy1

    Pawnboy1 Well-Known Member

  13. Bear0111

    Bear0111 BatBear

    Ok when i get ok in a few hours ill sort it
  14. Bear0111

    Bear0111 BatBear

    Oki so he hasnt been on in 27days i cant really do anything if you pm ill try to sort something
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