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Discussion in 'Other Games' started by NyanCats911, Oct 2, 2017.

  1. Deston Stephens

    Deston Stephens Well-Known Member

    Tbh @El80 I thought you were a guy till someone pointed out that you were of the female gender
  2. Deston Stephens

    Deston Stephens Well-Known Member

    Tbh @Hugamouse I thought you were a cool person when I first joined but then I got to know you and well...... I notice that your actually awesome XD Lol Thanks for being awesome
  3. El80

    El80 Active Member

    THANK YOU !!!!! You are awesome two
  4. spitfire490

    spitfire490 Well-Known Member

    tbh I suck at spelling

    MININGLORD5672 Your Boy Staff Member Helper

    tbh you're not meant to respond to things more than 2 weeks old >.<
  6. ArasXIII

    ArasXIII Member

    TBH I need to fuse with electroacnid because the server needs more water/elec types
  7. xPusheen

    xPusheen Well-Known Member

  8. Zigswag00n

    Zigswag00n Rude crude australian dude

    tbh i keep thinking @Madsi6 has a human soul but im allways mistaken when he shares the same dirty mind i do :p
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  9. spitfire490

    spitfire490 Well-Known Member

    tbh I don't know what tbh means :/
  10. pvy3

    pvy3 Member

    to be honest i didnt knew what tbh meant until a few months back

    But tbh @Laranlior has one of the awesomest voices on the server
    Tbh @Hugamouse is one of the coolest admins, and people ive met.
    Tbh @irauhl takes like.. 2nd place xD?
    Tbh @everyone is awesome on this server.
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  11. xPusheen

    xPusheen Well-Known Member

    Tbh I’m not awesome I’m cool like a freezer B)
  12. JustALittleBean

    JustALittleBean Well-Known Member

    tbh I'm so grateful for all the friends I have made on the serverrrr
  13. LoneSoul

    LoneSoul Active Member

    Tbh I say soooooooooooo many stupid things that the phrase "jk" is in every second sentence of mine.
  14. ElectroAcnid

    ElectroAcnid Well-Known Member

    tbh everyone especially lar, i had no idea what your voices would sound like and you all surprise me because i never expect that you sound like that
  15. ArasXIII

    ArasXIII Member

    Tbh, I dont feel like i'm doing a good enough job as a gym leader, and dearly wish there were more materials i could research on the subject
  16. Mousemonster

    Mousemonster Well-Known Member

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  17. spitfire490

    spitfire490 Well-Known Member

    tbh I think I only heard mouse talk once and was when his brother accidently unmuted in music lounge 2 for like 10 seconds
  18. Mousemonster

    Mousemonster Well-Known Member

  19. EnderGian

    EnderGian Well-Known Member

    TBH, I thought Pokemasters were Staff when I first joined XD
  20. spitfire490

    spitfire490 Well-Known Member

    TBH I am probly most strongly disliked(hated) player on the server but idrc I been playing and will continue to play on the server