A Mature Chat in Discord

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Do you think we should have a mature chat in Discord?

  1. Yes

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  1. Aznbeatdown

    Aznbeatdown Member

    While this is a family-friendly server, there are going to be older people joining the chat and talking about more mature topics in the Discord. The topic might be started up on purpose or it may have naturally gone in that direction. My point is I don't want to have to accommodate the arrival of kids by suddenly stopping our conversations just because someone below the age of 13 joined our chat. I understand we have occupant limited chatrooms for a reason, however there are times when there are going to be more than 5-10 people wanting to talk.
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  2. Nohragami

    Nohragami Well-Known Member

    Most people on Discord are 13+ anyway, so I feel like excluding people that are 12 and below won't work that well. I'm going to have to check on this tomorrow, but I'm pretty sure swearing is allowed on Discord, so if this becomes a rule, a lot more rules will have to be tweaked. Personally I'm not that worried with target audience on Discord, and I'm sure people on Discord have a some common sense to watch what they're saying when an underaged person hops into the channel.
  3. Zigswag00n

    Zigswag00n Rude crude australian dude

    yes mature topics are only fine if the people talking about them are actually mature themselfs ive seen people talk about not nice stuff in the recent past and many of you that do use discord can be very imature in the voice channels
  4. Nohragami

    Nohragami Well-Known Member

    What draws the line between maturity and immaturity then? I'm imagining that either everyone will still use the normal channels, or everyone will use the new channels. If everyone uses the new channels, then who will the underaged players talk to? Will these people get denied access just because they're underaged or is i? I don't think this will add much benefit to the Discord, maybe make things more compact.

    At the minimum, add discretion to the server rules for what should allowed for discussion.
  5. ZillaCat

    ZillaCat sleepycat

    This was discussed between the staff and pokerman99.
    We are saying no.
    Having these kind of channels would seem unprofessional and discriminatory.
    If you're wanting to talk about mature subjects, as long as they're not going against the rules of the server, you're fine. People that join the voice channels are on the open internet and if they can't handle what you're talking about, then they can leave.
    Remember that you can see all the rules in the #entrance channel on the Discord.
    If you're having to drop the subject while other people enter, it seems like that's the kind of subject that you shouldn't be discussing in the first place.
    As for your text post in general, this is a complete copy/paste of the post that Ethric_Ocothric's post on the PokeDash forums that they made on the same subject.

    tl;dr :We will not be making these channels. As long as it's not against the rules, it's fine. If they can't handle it, they can leave.
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