Pokeverse Minecraft Pixelmon server

As many of you guys have been asking, there will be another Drop Party, this Friday, for the July Donation Goal being reached. Thank you all so much for your donations!

We will hold it at the following time on FRIDAY, August 12th:
3pm PST/ 4pm Mountain / 5pm Central / 6pm EST / 11pm BST / 12am EU / 8am SATURDAY for Sydney, AUS

Thanks for all the support, hope to see you at the party!

Hey guys,

We’ve been working on some cool new updates that are finally ready for release!
  • Equipt special PokeSashes, now available in the donor store, and crates. Check them out in /pokesash


  • You can now add particles to your Pokemon with /pokebuilder
  • Players will now instantly receive their master ball for posting on our pixelmonforums thread, just type /posted shortly after you’ve made your post. We’ve reset the data, so everyone can do it again.
  • Exchange tokens into physical items in /warp tokenexchange, which can be traded to other players in ChestShops like so:

  • Express yourself with our new Emotes plugin! Unlock 30+ unique emotes from voting crates, or the donor store
  • In an effort to make the Mall more relevant, we’ve limited the amount of items normal players can put up for auction in AuctionHouse. View the exact amounts here
  • Various performance tweaks/improvements

- PV Staff
Hey Guys, sorry for not hosting this sooner, it's been a pretty busy month for me and nobody else can really host the party; now that I'm not as busy, I will be hosting the Drop Party on SATURDAY, July 30th.

We will hold it at the following time:
3pm PST/ 4pm Mountain / 5pm Central / 6pm EST / 11pm BST / 12am EU / 8am Sydney, AUS

Thanks for all the support, hope to see you at the party!

The EV training area is now OPEN!!

To get there and use the facility you need to be rank mythic+ and you just have to type /warp ev


You'll be greeted with a room of PCs, healers and enderchests. Please take a moment to read the rules of the training area.

There are also EV reducing berries and EV increasing power items to buy before you start your EV training!

There are several rooms, each with pokemon dedicated in giving one type of EV.

As always we welcome all feedback and suggestions.

Happy Training!


Hey everyone!

In the latest reset of the server we're proud to release the new /warp Safari and have brought back the old /warp apricorn.

Their are numerous zones in the safari all containing different species. Each zone also has a different boss spawning rate percentage.

Champion is needed to enter the Safari Zone: ($25)

UPDATED: Zilla fixed a lot of things within the area and now the sphere is complete and now plains and ocean biomes have been added!
The current Safari zones are following (% are boss spawn rate)

Taiga: 30%

Mushroom: 50%

Desert: 50%

Forest: 50%

Jungle: 20%


Plains: 40%

Ocean: 50%


The Safari is NOT completed. If you have any ideas, questions, or concerns, contact a staff member online or reply to the thread

Quick Screenshot of the Safari "Here"

Once again staff will gladly take any of your suggestions or questions, ask away! :)

-Pokeverse Staff