Pokeverse Minecraft Pixelmon server

Hey everyone!

Check out our newest feature addition: the iPod! Come jam out to some of your favorite tunes with a Minecraft-y twist in /ipod. That’s right, hear the equivalent noteblock beats beamed straight into Steve’s ears!


Note: Make sure you have your Jukebox/Noteblocks volume setting ON and Music OFF to be able to hear properly!


To celebrate the month of love we’ll also be launching a 30% off sale on all packages for a limited time! Get that rank you’ve been wanting now while it’s cheap!

Hope you guys enjoy, we have some more exciting news coming soon :)

- PV Staff
Hey everyone, this weekend we will be hosting a Lucky Dip event!

This event will take place on Saturday, February 10th at 12 pm PST ( 2 pm Central).

The weekly movie will take place on Friday, February 9th, 7 pm Central.

The Lucky Dip tournament has 2 parts: The lucky dip itself, and then a mini battle tournament with the Pokemon you catch! The lucky dip itself is simple: You get a fishing rod and 6 master balls. Within 20 minutes, you must fish your desired Pokemon from a big pit onto your catching platform with your fishing rod. The catching platform is located beneath your fishing platform. From there, you can catch the Pokemon. You must catch 6 Pokemon by the end of the 20-30 minutes, and then battle with them in an elimination style tournament. You cannot alter the Pokemon you catch.

Top 3 Tournament Winners:

1st: $75,000, a master key, a special item as a token of your place
2nd: $50,000, an ultra key, a special item as a token of your place
3rd: $25,000, a great key, a special item as a token of your place

I hope you all enjoy the events! Contact me if you have any questions.

Hey all, thanks to some wonderful players and staff, we have all the new gym types completed and set up!

The new types include Bug (20), Normal (30), Flying (40), Ghost(50), Fighting(60), Ice (70), Steel (80), Dark (90), Dragon (100), and Fairy (100).

Remember, you may be a gym leader of up to 3 gyms! Please feel free to apply and help us fill out our new positions! Gyms are a fun experience for both challengers and leaders, so I implore you to lead as many gyms as possible!

A side note: Battle Rules are for challengers. When you apply, your Pokemon MUST be within the level range.

Thanks for all your continuous effort,

~PV Staff​
Hey guys, thanks so much for your participation in last month's drawing contest! There were so many amazing artists and pieces, I am thrilled with the results! Everyone who entered should feel proud of their work.

The winners for last month were:
1st: Bubbarush and his wide array of winter Pokemon
2nd: Artichao and her Glaceon and Swinub
3rd: White_Wolf18 and her Eevee/wolf combo

This month's art competition's theme is your Favorite Pokemon! This can be just one Pokemon, or a collection of your favorites. Feel free to get creative with their environment and placement!

The competition starts today, and judging will begin on the 25th. If you wish to participate, please direct message me (Hugamouse) your artwork on discord by the 25th. The judging will be via liking your favorite images on the forums (I will post each picture anonymously so that nobody can favor based upon friends) and voting by the staff of all the servers on the modpack.

Some more rules:

Do not steal/claim other people’s work or copy/trace it.
Do not blackmail/harshly criticise anyone’s work – constructive criticism is allowed but no being mean!
Try to keep in the theme – if it is not corresponding with the theme your submission will be ruled out.
Ensure your submission is appropriate, we do not want mature content!
No anthropomorphic pictures (human Pokémon) unless it is specifically stated in the rules. However, you can have cosplayers (but make sure to include Pokémon!)


Top 3 winners will receive prizes including special titles, money, and some other unique items!

If you have any more questions regarding rules as well, feel free to message Hugamouse.

~PV Staff​
Hey guys! I hope you all have enjoyed the first month back into the new year and in celebration of all your wonderful donations I am proud to announce our second drop party of the year which will be held this Saturday/Sunday February 3rd at 4pm central time!

As always to clear up any confusion with time zones and such, 1 of the many converters you can use will be linked blow.


If any of you have questions in regards to the event, feel free to pm myself or another member of our senior staff as we are always happy to help.

Again, thank you for the continuous support! And I hope you all have a great time at this month’s drop party!

~Pokeverse Staff