Pokeverse Minecraft Pixelmon server


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Today we’re launching a Thanksgiving sale! Everything in the store will be 40% off until December 1st! Get that rank you’ve been wanting while it’s cheap!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Hello everyone and thank you for reading! Today we would like to officially announce the opening of the Dragon Gym on the server. Bashenman and I will run the gym for right now but we are looking for applicants.

The Rules for the gym are, 3v3, Level Cap is 90-100, and no revives.

We look forward to battling you guys!
Hey Everyone! So the fates have aligned and we finally have a date for the drop party! Sorry for the short notice but we'll have our awesome party this weekend on Saturday at 1pm PST, which is 7am AEDT? Yes? Sorry, I'm not great with the world time zones.

All are welcome to come collect the celebrate with us! (In fact, this would be a really cool time to bring a friend on to the server!) Haha!

For questions about time zones check out this
Time Zone Map I found: http://www.timeanddate.com/time/map/

-PV Staff
We would like to personally thank each and every one of you for supporting our server with donations, votes, and playtime! Thanks to your generosity and time we have reached our donation goal and we're going to celebrate with a Drop Party very soon!

Due to things going on outside of the server, Poker and I won't be able to organize a Drop Party this week so we're looking at holding it next week TBD (To Be Determined) later. This one is going to be really awesome so I hope to see everyone there!

Thanks again!

-PV Staff
Hey everyone!

Thanks for coming on to the forums and registering! Our server is growing continually and we're very proud of it! The owner, Pleb, is actually making some important changes and unfortunately, it requires the server to be the way it is right now while updates and plugins to be installed correctly.

Thanks you all for your patience! You'll all be back to training in no time!