Pokeverse Minecraft Pixelmon server

Hello everyone.

With the increased activity in the Gym Leaders community, we've decided it would be best to put a small handful of limitations in place to ensure that the Gym Leader community is continuously expanding in all directions, instead of just a select few. This also ensures that possible applicants aren't sitting and waiting for slots to open up if a gym is getting to the point of being 'too full'.

The new limitations are as follows:

- From now on, each gym may be occupied by up to 6 gym leaders, NOT including OmniLeaders. Basically, at any given time, excluding OmniLeaders, there may be 6 separate gym leaders for each gym.

- Starting today, there will be a limit placed on how many gyms you can apply for. This limitation is an easy One Gym Application per Two Weeks.

Also, its been a silent rule for a while now, but just so everyone is aware moving forward; Gym Leader activity will be monitored. If you are a Gym Leader, and you are gone for more than Two Weeks without notice, you will be removed from your Gym Leader position. If you know you will be gone, please give staff a head's up by messaging myself or any other available staff member. With notice, you will be given a grace period of an extra two weeks. If AFTER TWO WEEKS, you are still inactive, you will be removed from your Gym Leader position in order to give possible new applicants a chance to host the gym.

You can find a link to the Up-To-Date Gym Rules below.


For updated information on each Gym Leader and their Battle Rules Policies, please look at the spreadsheet below.
**(battle rules policies for each gym leader is still being updated; if you are a gym leader and your policy is NOT listed, please message Laranlior either on the server, or on discord with your personal policy on battle rules ASAP)


We hope you are all enjoying the challenges and trials provided by our gym leaders, and we thank all of the players who volunteer their time to show their skills as one of the gym leaders of the server.

Thank you all

:eek:!!Drop Party!!:eek:

Hey Guys! Its finally here again!
Come join us on Friday 10th August, 1pm Central

Yours truly will be hosting and I will try my best to make it the best Dp ever!! It’s my first DP so please go easy on meh ❤️

Get ready to get amazing prizes from
common to rare to extremely rare items!!

legendary book will be dropped during the party, who will be the lucky one to catch it?
Will it be you? ;)
!Talent of the Verses!
!Get Ready to show off your talents!

This will be all through Discord

Talent of the verses is coming "Wednesday 8th August" (3pm Central)
Where you can show off your voice and try to win top prizes!
You have the choice of 3 categories to compete in:

1. Singing (can also be instruments)
2.Comedy (jokes)

(You don't need to make it Pokemon related if you cant think of something for it)

3 judges will judge your performance and choose 2 of each category to move onto the finals
Our judges our:

Myself will be also judging but I will also be the cameraman recording throughout the show

The finalists will give a second performance and the winner of each category will be chosen by the players
Once a winner has been chosen for each category the event will finish with a bang (*cough* fireworks*)

No interfering when someone is performing
No rude remarks
Make sure its PG on this christian servvveerrr ;3
And lastly have fun \o/

Whoever tries to break the rules will have our security guard to deal with ;3

Whoever wants to be involved please get in contact with me and ill write you down o>
Get your acts together people :cool: its showtime!
Prizes are a secret and will be announced during the show :eek:
Hey guys, I hope you’re all having a wonderful summer so far. I’ve got some more exciting updates to share :)

Firstly, the long awaited mall is finally back! We’ve developed our own custom ChestShop mod from the ground up that’s finely tuned for our server’s needs and will provide a much more immersive experience. We hope this will spice up the economy and add a fresh competitive gameplay aspect. For more information type /info mall, and rent your very own plot for $10,000 per 2 weeks at /warp mall.

Secondly, introducing our newest mini game event, TNT Run! Stay alive using your 1337 parkour skills for as long as possible while the arena quickly shrinks! We’ll be hosting this periodically alongside our other events.


Next up, we’ve got some sweet updates to our custom Cosmetics system.To start off I’ll introduce my personal favorite, Aura Pokemon! Enhance the epicness of your favorite Pokemons by adding a fancy particle aura effect through the /cosmetics menu. Furthermore a random Aura Pokemon may be obtained in the Aura Crate and Event Crate. Additionally, 12 brand new hot Player Particles have been added, an excellent way to show everyone how much of a baller you are! They are all very fancy and have been priced accordingly, check out this thread for previews of them all.

Here are a few of my favorites:

[​IMG] [​IMG]

Other updates:
  • A new voting site has been added! Remember to /vote daily for awesome rewards!
  • Collect presents hidden around spawn for rewards
  • WonderTrade has received a facelift! Check it out with /wt
  • Purchase the ability to put magic characters in your nickname in the donor store
  • Masters+ may now access the TM shop with /tmshop
  • Mythics+ may now safely trigger a trade evolution with/tradesim <slot>
  • Challengers+ may now launch a random firework above their head with /firework
  • Cost to make a legendary shiny in PokeBuilder doubled
  • New players now start with 25 Tokens
  • Trivia bug which triggered rapid questions finally fixed, now runs every 5m as originally intended
  • View how many Tokens another player has by hovering over their name in chat
  • Hub annexed to separate events from main server warps
  • BuyCraft’s received a makeover! Check out the slick new design at buy.pokeverse.org


To celebrate this #hype update we’ll be running a 40% off sale from now until July 29th AND temporarily increasing legendary and shiny spawns by 2x and 4x for 48 hours only! Come hang out and catch yourself some epic Pokemons!

Thanks everyone, your support recently has been amazing. We’ve got some more really cool new features & events in the works that I’m very excited to release :)

- PV Staff
Hello everyone. Due to unforeseen technical errors, today's Drop Party will be delayed by 24 Hours. The PVStaff team is working extremely hard to get things working, but the issues are of a sort that will take some time to figure out.

We hope everyone understands, and that you remain patient with us. We are aware that this will cause some issues for some players, which we regret, but with the technical difficulties in play, there is no choice but to delay the event until its fully up and running smoothly.

The new time is Sunday, the 8th of July at 4pm CST.

The staff team will be working hard to get this fixed, as the Drop Party is our show of appreciation for all of the support and dedication received from the community. We hope you all enjoy your weekend, and we'll hopefully see you tomorrow.

Thank you all for your support, once again.

~ PVStaff