Pokeverse Minecraft Pixelmon server

hello all i know most of you have heard about my "secret project" and seen the teasers ive put out this Weekend 1 hour before the movie starts i will be launching a brand new event on the server which staff can host on a daily basis launch time is Friday at 6pm Central Time. event will be announced with its warp and a poll put up for ideas for future maps/arenas Friday at 6 pm Central Time thanks for reading and i hope to see u at the launch [​IMG]

Hey guys! Here’s the latest round of updates we’ve just finished up for you guys.

  • Masters+ can now create their very own holograms, just like the ones in spawn with /holo create <name> <text>. Type /holo help for more info
  • Level up various skills listed here, including our custom battling, breeding, and catching skills to enhance special abilities listed here
  • See available skills with /skills and details about each skill with /skill <skill>
  • Receive extra boosts for catching certain Pokemon with certain natures in /hunt
  • Claim rewards at PokeStops placed in various locations with /claimpokestop
Universal Market
  • Browse the Universal Market with /um
  • Add the item in your hand to the market with /um add <price>
  • See how many votes you have this month with /votes
  • See this month’s top voters with /topvoters
  • Prices of tokens, rare candy, master balls, and in-game money significantly reduced in the donor store
  • Fixed TriviaQuest

Lastly, we are on the hunt for Pixelmon bugs! If you guys find anything in the mod that isn’t how it should be (incorrect textures, ability bugs, etc.) let us know in our bug hunter thread for big rewards! With your help we’ll be working directly with the Pixelmon Generations developers in an effort to make the mod as seamless and bug free as possible. Thank you!

Stay tuned, we have a few other very exciting things nearing completion that I can't wait to release to you guys!

Hope you guys enjoy!
- PV...
Hello everyone!

This weeks event is gonna be a 1 hour-long Spleef tournament!

- The Spleef tournament will take place on Sunday, February 25th, at 2 pm Central.

- The weekly movie will take place on Friday, February 23rd, at 7 pm Central Time.

The Spleef event will be hosted at /warp spleef, where you will be using /kit shovel. The prizes will be based upon how many spleef rounds you win within the hour, so you can leave and join at will.

The top 3 players that win the most Spleef rounds, will get a prize!

1st Place:
$75.000, a Shiny crate key and a special title!
2nd Place:
$50.000, a Master crate key and a special title!
3rd Place:
$25.000, an Ultra crate key and a special title!

And of course everyone that will participate in the event, will get a participation prize!

Prizes have to be handed out manually, so please be patient once the event ends to get your prize!

If you have any questions, contact me on discord please!

~ irauhl <3
Hey guys, in celebration of Valentine's Day, this weekend we will have a Valentine's themed build contest!

This event will take place on Sunday, February 18th, at 8 am PST, (10 am Central Time).

The weekly movie will take place on Friday, February 16th, at 7 pm Central Time.

The rules are the same as the other build contests. You will have an hour to build anything Valentine's themed, perhaps a big pink build, or maybe something sweet and romantic. There will be blocks supplied, but as always, you can bring your own blocks as well. You may request blocks as well, and as long as they seem appropriate, we may give you some.


1st: $75,000, 3 stacks of Rare Candy, 600 tokens
2nd: $50,000, 2 stacks of Rare Candy, 400 tokens
3rd: $25,000, 1 stack of Rare Candy, 200 tokens

If your build really stands out, you might get an extra little prize!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!