Pokeverse Minecraft Pixelmon server

Ok, i just wanted to create a post to explain what you need to do to get your lost pokemon back.
These are the steps you need to follow:

1. Check your screenshot folder for proof of lost pokemon at 'C:/Users/(name)/Appdata/Roaming/.minecraft/screenshots' or searching for %appdata% on your computer. NOTE: Do not crop your screenshots. If staff cannot confirm your screenshot came from Pokeverse, it will not be considered sufficient.

2. If you have a good picture of your pokemon, upload it! (I recommend using Imgur.com).

3. Paste the link to the picture and that is normaly proof enough.

4. Logs will not be accepted as proof. Please screenshot your important Pokémon!

Example of a lost pokemon application:


Hey, i recently lost my dunsparce because of a bug, could you please return it to me?


And here is a log file that contains proof that i caught it (on line 247 for example)
''Put log file link here''

Thank you for your time.


Now if a staff wants to repost this or add something, it is 100% fine for me, i just want to help people
Since we hit the donor goal this month, we are going to be holding the drop party on April 25th (Saturday) at 12 PM PST (noon). Be there or be square!
Hello everyone!
After a few weeks of preparation, we're ready to release! We are running Pixelmon 3.4. We promise a dedicated, lag free environment for everyone to play for free. If you have any comments or suggestions, please post it on our forums.

Check the server out at play.pokeverse.org

Thank you
- Pleb