Pokeverse Minecraft Pixelmon server


Hey guys! This weekend event will be one hour of spleef!

This event will take place on Sunday, February 24th, at 12 pm PST.

A timer will be supplied to help with timezone confusion


There are many prizes that range from shinies, tokens, legendaries and in-game money! If you win a round you will be given a random prize determined from an RNG generator.

If you have any questions regarding the event please let me know!
Hope to see you there!​
Hiya guys, me again! This weekend we will be hosting a Catching Contest! The theme of this Catching Contest is Valentines Day/Love

This event will take place on Saturday, February 16th, at 12 pm PST.
A timer will be supplied down below to eliminate timezone confusions.

Of course, as all catching contests go, you will be supplied special balls that you must use for this event. You may NOT alter the Pokemon in any way, shape, or form after catching them. You must present to the judges TWO Pokemon at the end of the contest that we will judge with secret point values! For this contest, you will try to find the Pokemon relating to the theme!

A special 100% ivs shiny Valentine Themed pokemon! 300k and 3 master keys!
2nd: Your winning pokemon turned shiny and 100% ivs, 150k 2 ultra keys!
3rd: Your winning pokemon turned shiny, 100k, 2 great keys!

All participants will get a participation award as well!

I hope you guys enjoy!


Message NyanCat#0583 on discord, or any senior staff if you have questions!​
Hello everyone, the long awaited Generation 7 update has finally been released! Many changes have been made in this update, including the addition of every Pokemon, so check out the full changelog here. I’ve also prepared a mini update for you all, enjoy!

Pixelmon+ Incentives
Pixelmon+ users may now claim a kit that gives 10 to 30 tokens randomly per day, and may also set an extra home. If you haven’t already, download the pack here.

New Vote Crate Rewards
  • God Shear added
  • God Bow added
  • Random Rare Enchantment Book added

YouTube Competition v2
With this update it’s a perfect time to launch our second official YouTube competition! Check out the competition guidelines here.

Nexus Competition v2 Winner
The winner of the Nexus competition is… drumroll please… Nyaa's R us owned by @NyaaImaKitty, enjoy your $100 store coupon! There were some great shops this time around, and there will likely be another competition in the future so starting preparation now might be a good idea :)

New Farm Restrictions
In an effort to reduce lag on the server we have implemented a new set of rules with regard to automated redstone farms, please read them here.

Miscellaneous Changes
  • Two new donor kits have been added to the store
  • GTS has temporarily been disabled while we wait for the developers to update it
  • View the last three legendaries spawned with/lastlegend
  • New rules have been added which prohibit receiving or offering assistance towards /dex, check them out here
  • Masters+ are now able to break Mob Spawners
  • Purchase your own head for $50,000 in-game money at /warp shop
  • Trade 64 Special Winner Stars for a Random Shiny at /warp shop

Thank you all for being amazing,
- PV Staff
Hello everyone, Shmeeb here with another fantastic update! This is one of my personal favorites, I hope you all enjoy!

Instead of completely enabling rain we have implemented a system where Mythics+ may now start a vote for either Sunny, Rainy, or Stormy weather with /wv start [weather]. If half or more of the votes are in approval, the server will then switch to the voted upon weather condition for 10 minutes. Starting the vote costs $1,000 in-game money and may only be called on the server once per hour.

AdventureMMO makes a return!
It’s been a long time since this mod was enabled so I figure it’d be best to fully re-introduce it.
  • Level up various skills listed here, including our custom battling, breeding, and catching skills to enhance special abilities listed here
  • See available skills with /skills and details about each skill with /skill <skill>

Show off your lightning fast reaction skills by being the first to click on a certain character in chat! This mini-event happens around once an hour and rewards the winner with an Event key! Good luck!


Tired of spamming RTP to find that one pesky biome? We are too, so we’ve just implemented a new /BiomeRTP menu (on top of the existing RTP) which allows you to pick the exact biome where you will end up! The default cooldown for this command is 2 minutes, and Mythics+ have no cooldown. Enjoy!

MobHunt minigame
Unfortunately the release of the following event has been delayed due to unforeseen issues with our Holograms mod, and since I’m leaving for the weekend I’d rather not delay this entire update any longer. Upon my return I will get this event up and running ASAP, I’m very sorry for the delay. I promise it will be worth the wait :)

This new action packed daily minigame revolves around earning as many points as possible by killing various types of mobs. Mobs that are more dangerous and harder to defeat are worth more points - but be careful, points are deducted on death! In order to provide a fair experience to both new and seasoned players alike, the only kinds of non-enchanted equipment permitted in the arena are bows, leather armor, and iron swords (all available in a kit), although you must bring your own supply of potions and food. We’ll be listening to feedback and adjusting mob point values and spawn rates as necessary in order to keep the game as fair and fun as possible. Have fun!


Unlockable in crates and the donor store, an activated Incense will drastically increase the amount of Pokemon spawning around you for 15 minutes, including shinies and legendaries!

  • Champions+ may now see the remaining steps required to hatch an egg with /eggsteps <slot>
  • Gym Leaders now have access to /tmshop


With this update we’ll also be launching a flash 40% sale in the donor store!

Thanks everyone, until next time.
- PV Staff

Hey guys! We all know how much y'all love bingo, so we have decided to host it this weekend!

So come on down to /warp Bingo on Sunday, the 20th at 12pm PST(2pm CST, 3pm EST, 9pm CET, 8pm GMT)

A timer will be supplied to help with timezone confusion

Everyone will get their own unique plot with 2 boards on them - One is a BINGO board with numbers for each row of BINGO, and the second board is filled with item frames that you may use to help keep track of what spot on your BINGO board that was called on your other board. Basically, since you can't physically place a counter on a sign, you can place it on the second board in the spot of the sign to keep track! There will be wool supplied to place in the frames.


There are many prizes that range from shinies, tokens, legendaries and in-game money! If you win a round you will be given a random prize determined from an RNG generator.

If you have any questions regarding the event please let me know!
Hope to see you there!