Pokeverse Minecraft Pixelmon server

Hey guys, this weekend is pretty full for me, so I'll be hosting an hour-long Spleef Tournament on Monday!

This event will take place on Monday, May 21st, at 4 pm PST (6 pm Central)

The rules are simple: It's hour long Spleef! No camping! Each round you win will get you a point, and the more points you get, the better the prize! The prizes will be kept secret for now, so just do your best to win as many rounds as you can! There will be participation prizes as well.

Here is the twist! You will get a random partner at the start of the Tournament. As long as one of you survives, you both get a point! Teams will be chosen at random by me and the other staff. If at any point a team seems unfairly stacked, we will randomize again! We will also keep track of the top 3 individual point scorers, there may be an extra prize for them!

If anyone has any questions, contact me on discord!

Hey guys, it's time for the next weekly event, the Sinister Catching Contest!

This event will take place on Saturday, May 12th, at 11 am PST (1 pm Central).

The rules are simple: Just like the previous catching contests, you will be supplied with Event Balls that you must use. Your goal is to catch the most evil and sinister Pokemon you can find! Keep in mind the Pokemons' lore as you search! There will be other hidden judging points as there were in the other catching contests. You will have 30 minutes from the designated start time to catch the Pokemon, and afterwards, you will choose ONE Pokemon to show a judge for secret scoring. YOU MAY NOT ALTER THE POKEMON YOU CATCH IN ANY WAY!


1st: Shiny Yveltal, Special Badge representing your Place, $50,000
2nd: Yveltal, Special Badge representing your Place, $25,000
3rd: Shiny Absol, Special Badge representing your Place, $10,000

If you have any questions, please contact me on Discord!

Heyo Pokeverse! Last month you guys reached the Donation Goal, so you know what that means! It's time for the Drop Party! Come join us for some cool item drops, Pokemon drops, and more fun surprises!

The Drop Party will take place on Saturday, May 12th at 2 pm PST (4 pm Central). There is an online counter below to help!


Thank you for your constant support, we wouldn't be here without you guys!

~Pokeverse Staff​
Good day to you ladies and gentlemen, as a little treat from yours truly ;) Ill be holding my first official boat race event. I hope you can all come and have fun....totally not a troll race o3o

This will be held on Monday 7th May at 5pm (Central)

At the start players will choose 3-4 boats, it is possible to break your boat or fall off >:3 so watch where your sliding, the race is just 1 lap so once you've made it to the finish line get out of the boat and get on the line to finish, the race will finish once 3 people have crossed the finish line, we can do 2 rounds as its only a small race, if you fall off you will have to start from the beginning :D .....not a troll race o3o ...totally not....

:p Prizes :p

  • First Place Gets: 1 Shiny Key, 150k, Special Title :eek:
  • Second Place Gets: 1 Ultra Key, 75k, Special Title :D
  • Third Place Gets: 1 Great Key, 35k, Special Title :oops:

!!Number 1 rule!!
No Breaking other players boats

I look forward to watching the chaos o3o......not a troll race :rolleyes:

Thanks to Lewie, the prize money has been raised \o/ so theres more to win for :eek:

Special thanks to
Hey all, I hope you're having a wonderful week! This weekend we decided to bring back one of the crowd favorites - Bingo!
This event will be held on Saturday, April 28th, at 10 am PST (12 pm Central).

Everyone will get their own unique plot with 2 boards on them - One is a BINGO board with numbers for each row of BINGO, and the second board is filled with item frames that you may use to help keep track of what spot on your BINGO board that was called on your other board. Basically, since you can't physically place a counter on a sign, you can place it on the second board in the spot of the sign to keep track! There will be wool supplied to place in the frames.

The event will last an hour in total, and you can join and leave as you wish. Each round will have multiple winners, so don't clear your board until I say!

There is a predetermined prize pool that is secret from you all. For each round of BINGO a player wins, I will run a random number generator and give you the prize it corresponds with! Prizes can be tokens, keys, a title, and even Legendary Pokemon!

Please let me know if you have any questions, can't wait to see you all there!