Pokeverse Minecraft Pixelmon server

Hey guys, I’m happy to announce that the long awaited update is finally here!

So what does this mean for us? We’re going from Minecraft version 1.7.10 to 1.10.2 (or Pixelmon version 3.5.1 to 5.0.4). Due to this, we’re forced to use server software called Sponge instead of Bukkit. This means some of the features you might be used to could be missing for the time being, but we are working hard to get as many of these old features, as well as new ones, on the server as soon as possible.

With this, we will be doing a map reset. Everything will be reset except the following things:
  • Ranks (type /bonus to claim the items)
  • Purchased kits
  • Titles

This will be taking place today at 6 PM PST. Here is a countdown timer: http://itsalmo.st/#mapreset_qywrf

Items purchased from the donor store within the last month will be automatically refunded
Gym leaders will need to obtain a new team and re-apply in order to keep their gym leader status

If you guys have any comments or suggestions please leave a comment below

Thanks for all the support
- PV Staff
The first race will be held this Sunday June 4th, 10 AM Pacific, 11 AM Mountain, 12 PM Central, 1 PM Eastern. Good Luck to Everyone!!
With the summer coming up, I have spent time with several of the staff and have finally finished a racetrack for all users to use! So how does this work?

  • Moderators will host a Race once a month in between Drop parties to fill the void of "nothingness".
  • Everyone will line up. When the wall falls the race is on!
  • There is a Rule list at /warp Racetrack
  • 1st prize will be a Legend of choice
  • 2nd place prize will be a Shiny Pokemon of choice (Excludes legends)
  • 3rd Place will receive a Shiny Key
I will announce the first race later this week. Hope to see you there!
Hello we will have our drop party on Friday May 12th. 9Pm EST (GMT -04:00) .... Please use that time for this converter http://www.calculator.net/time-zone-calculator.html
Can't wait to see you all there!
The drop party in apology for the server being down for a couple days will be this coming Friday, March 24th! United States Times are listed below.

1 PM Pacific
2 PM Mountain (KEEP IN MIND ARIZONA DOES NOT HAVE Daylights Savings Time [Because of this Arizona please be on at 1])
3 PM Central
4 PM Eastern

Again we are so sorry about the server being down! This will be a great drop party apology!