Pokeverse Minecraft Pixelmon server

Hey guys, after quite a while of preparing, we completed our Elytra Race Course! Take to the skies this weekend and race against your fellow players to take the prize for best Elytra flyer!

This event will take place on Saturday, March 17th, at 8 am PST (10 am Central).

Any resources required for this event will be supplied. You have to go through each obstacle in order, or else it won't count on the counter. There are checkpoints you can teleport back to after you reach them for the first time. The top 5 players will be broadcasted as they cross the finish line!


1st: A Special Unbreaking Elytra, a Unique Winner's Token, a Unique Title, $75,000
2nd: A Special Unbreaking Elytra, a Unique Winner's Token, a Unique Title, $50,000
3rd: A Special Unbreaking Elytra, a Unique Winner's Token, a Unique Title, $25,000

If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask! Can't wait to see ya there!

Hey guys, thanks for the entries in the second art contest, we really enjoyed the creativity! Below I will be posting the entries.

In first we have Artichao

Second comes bubbarush

Third place was a tie between Mousemonster and White_Wolf18

Please contact me in game if you are a winner! We will see ya next time!

~PV Staff​
Hello all,
As many of you know I launched hide and seek last weekend. There were some minor bugs, but our team of highly trained penguins were able to get in and kill them, meaning you can now request staff to host Hide and Seek if you see them online. The average game time is 18 min. There is 3 min of hiding while seeker is chosen and kept hostage by our friendly staff team and 15 min of holding shift for dear life. Staff have been given their set of rules to follow which includes scoring/rewards at end of a game. Staff score you on unique hiding spots and time spent hidden. Feel free to creatively modify your skin to suit the terrain. Most of the player rooms are at the lobby @ /warp hideandseek
I hope you enjoy my event I have created for you guys. Please leave any suggestions in comments! ty
Hey guys! It is that time once again, thank you all for your wonderful support towards getting our next donation goal and I’m proud to announce that this occasion’s drop party will be held on Saturday the 10th of march at 4pm central time!

To help with any confusion towards time zone differences, a link will be provided below to one of the many converters you can use.


As always if any of you have further questions in regards to the event, feel free to come see myself or another member of our senior staff team as we would be glad to help.

Again, thank you for the continuous support! And I hope you all have an awesome time at this month’s drop party!

~Pokeverse Staff
Hello Everyone!!

This weeks event will be a new event, hosted for the first time on Pokeverse! The event that we are gonna host is called the Hoarding event! And it will be hosted this weekend. On Sunday the 11th of March at 5pm Central Time.

And this is how it works..

We have a huge area set up for all of you, full of different kinds of blocks. We will set a timer when we start. A timer of 30 minutes. As soon as we open the gates, you can start mining as much blocks as possible. When those 30 minutes have passed. Everyone needs to stop mining. After that we will put your items in the chest + put a sign on the chest, with your name on it.

Staff will then calculate the points, based of all the items in your chest.

The top 3 players with the most point value, win a grand prize. Everyone else gets a participation prize!

1st place
100.000$ and a pokemon you own turned shiny
2nd place
50.000$ and a non-legendary pokemon you own turned shiny
3rd place
25.000$ and a Shiny Crate key

If you got any questions regarding this event, contact @irauhl on discord or on the server!

xo irauhl