Pokeverse Minecraft Pixelmon server

Heya guys :) Just here to make a last minute announcement for our Weekly Event!

We will be hosting CONNECT FOUR!

Kindly built by Vampy, and tested by laranlior a couple months back :)

The event will take place Sunday, October 7th, at 1pm PST(3pm Central and 4pm Eastern)


1st: 1 Shiny crate key, 2 master keys, 100k
2nd: 2 master keys, 2 ultra key, 75k
3rd: 2 great key, 50k

I hope you guys have fun!
Message NyanBat#0583 on discord, or any senior staff if you have questions!​

It’s been a long run with Generations, but it’s now time to switch back to the original version of the mod, Pixelmon Reforged. This means a few things. Firstly, Generations has slightly more Pokemon implemented than Reforged at the moment. These Pokemon which are not yet implemented will be added to a “Deep Storage,” which means once the Reforged team adds them to their mod, you will automatically get the Pokemon back exactly as it was. Secondly, the developers of Reforged are significantly more experienced and are able to maintain/fix bugs much more effectively. This means no more sloppy Pokemon textures, fewer Pokemon disappearing/duping, better FPS, more frequent updates, and tons more. Lastly, AdventureMMO and the legendary spawn reward from VoteParty must be temporarily disabled until they can be updated. With this update we will also be increasing the world border from 30x30k to 40x40k in order to free up some more space for new players.

To join our server from this point on you will need to either update your Technic packs, or download the mod directly from here and replace it with Generations in your mods folder. We hope this will bring the server long-term stability and greatly improve the overall experience.


Hey guys, Shmeeb here with another round of exciting updates & features!

~ Halloween Spookiness ~
First and foremost, we’re embracing my personal favorite time of the year with some spOoOoOky new features! Come Trick or Treat at our brand new Haunted House located at /warp hauntedhouse and grab yourself some goodies! Simply ring the doorbell and wait a few seconds for someone to answer :) You may claim up to 1 reward every other day in...
!Drop Party!

Hey guys! Time to get your dp hats on, it’s time for you’re favourite event starting on the:

Saturday 29th September
1:00pm (central)
7:00pm (GMT)

Where you can get all sorts of rare, epic, legendary items!!

Make sure to keep a vigilant eye out as only
1 legendary book

Will be dropped during the dp!

;) Try your luck :rolleyes:
Hello Everyone!!

Your favorite fox is here to announce a GIANT Halloween Building Contest!
You can make litterly anything you want. As long as it is Halloween related. Think of pumpkins, spooky buildings, some tasty candy.. Be creative :D

At /warp cursedshop you can buy some ''spooky'' items to use in your builds!

If you're entering the Building Contest. You may build your beautiful art wherever you'd like. But don't forget to claim it. ;) When you're done building, send @irauhl the coordinates of your artwork.

The building contest will END on the 28th of October.
So send the coordinates to @irauhl before the 29th :)
The judging will be done on the 29th.
What the winner will get.. Will be a BIG surprise!

I hope you all have fun building and i'm looking forward to seeing all the beautiful artwork you all will make!

xo irauhl

Hey Guys! This weeks event is going to be BINGO!
The event will last around an hour and We'll be doing the usual 1 line first, 2 lines then full house

The event will be on Saturday, 22nd September

2pm central
8pm gmt
9pm gmt +1

The Event will be held at the usual warp /warp bingo
:confused:Each player will get their own bingo house witch will all have different numbers... so choose wisely :confused:
Prizes will range from keys, tokens, money or even rare/legendary pokemon :eek:

I look forward to seeing you all have fun ;P

xx Love Wolf xx