Winter Updates!

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Hey everyone! I've got a few updates I think you will enjoy :)

Christmas Advent Calendar
Come celebrate the spirit of Christmas this month at our new 2019 Christmas Advent Calendar! Simply speak with Santa at /warp santa every day, and if you’ve been good this year he just might give you some gifts :) Be sure to check back daily!

We’ve also added a brand new seasonal crate key: the Jolly key. Unlock exclusive items, winter themed Pokemon, and more; available for a limited time only from Santa and the donor store.

New Christmas Spawn

To celebrate the Christmas spirit we’ve added some spawn decorations, enjoy :)

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Earn double voting rewards from now until December 10th
  • Added the "Most Legendary TradeUps...

Map reset is here!

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Hello everyone, it’s that time of the year again! With the current map being nine months old, we decided this is the perfect time to do a reset. We’ve had an amazing run on this map, the server has evolved and improved so much thanks to all of your suggestions and feedback. As we head into map number five, myself and the administration team will be placing an extra focus on maintaining the health, longevity, and prosperity of the in-game economy. I personally am very excited for this clean start and can’t wait to continue pushing out new spicy updates to keep the server fresh for you guys. The details for the reset are as follows:

Everything except the following will be reset:

  • Any three Pokemon of your choosing - type /pokestorage deposit <slot> to save a Pokemon (note: all transferred Pokemon will be neutered)
    • After release, type /pokestorage withdraw and your saved Pokemon...

3 new events + new features!

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Hello everyone, I’ve got a few cool updates to finally release to you guys!


This new action packed daily minigame revolves around earning as many points as possible by killing various types of mobs. Mobs that are more dangerous and harder to defeat are worth more points - but be careful, points are deducted on death! In order to provide a fair experience to both new and seasoned players alike, the only kinds of non-enchanted equipment permitted in the arena are bows, leather armor, and iron swords (all available in a kit), although you must bring your own supply of potions and food. We’ll be listening to feedback and adjusting mob point values and spawn rates as necessary in order to keep the game as fair and fun as possible. Have fun!

Ice Race
Race against your friends to the finish line in this surprisingly challenging minigame! This event will always be open so you can practice...

Generation 7 update is here!

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Hello everyone, the long awaited Generation 7 update has finally been released! Many changes have been made in this update, including the addition of every Pokemon, so check out the full changelog here. I’ve also prepared a mini update for you all, enjoy!

Pixelmon+ Incentives
Pixelmon+ users may now claim a kit that gives 10 to 30 tokens randomly per day, and may also set an extra home. If you haven’t already, download the pack here.

New Vote Crate Rewards
  • God Shear added
  • God Bow added
  • Random Rare Enchantment Book added
YouTube Competition v2
With this update it’s a perfect time to launch our second official YouTube competition! Check out the competition guidelines...

Couple nifty updates + sale!

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Hello everyone, Shmeeb here with another fantastic update! This is one of my personal favorites, I hope you all enjoy!

Instead of completely enabling rain we have implemented a system where Mythics+ may now start a vote for either Sunny, Rainy, or Stormy weather with /wv start [weather]. If half or more of the votes are in approval, the server will then switch to the voted upon weather condition for 10 minutes. Starting the vote costs $1,000 in-game money and may only be called on the server once per hour.

AdventureMMO makes a return!
It’s been a long time since this mod was enabled so I figure it’d be best to fully re-introduce it.
  • Level up various skills listed here, including our custom battling, breeding, and catching skills to enhance special abilities listed...

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